Khalsa Way Yoga


Pränatal Yoga in Kundalini Tradition

About this Course

(The course is in English)

In Khalsa Way classes, mothers move beyond the stress and fear that often comes up in daily life. They learn new, positive ways of envisioning pregnancy and birth, and then gain newfound confidence in their body.

They learn to view themselves as completely capable of birthing, and they tap into their sensitivity, their sensuality and their spirituality.  We prepare a woman’s mind, body and spirit for the experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We emphasize the inner knowing of the mother and the shared experience of the mother and baby.

Our goal is to help the mother create a peaceful, empowered, uniquely experience for herself and for her baby. The knowledge of how to birth and parent is built in every woman: this practice will help her learn to listen to and trust her inner voice. 

The Course includes

  • A guided pelvic floor exercise 
  • Asanas for supporting your transforming body
  • Specific exercises to prepare for birth
  • 3 different playlists

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Über Lara

Lara Süß arbeitet seit 2019 im Team von rolling tiger. In den neuen Räumen bietet sie unter ihrem eigenen Namen ‚the motherlover‘ Doula-Arbeit, sowie Prä- und Postnatal Yoga in der Kundalini-Tradition The Khalsa Way an.

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